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Creative Carpentry - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give free quotations?

Yes.  We do give free quotations. We can come out to your home or you may prefer to submit an enquiry through our contact page with a description of your idea, dimensions and possibly a photo of the space into which you want the furniture to be fitted.  We will then give an estimated quote.

Do you provide drawings?

Yes.  Once the design is agreed, we will provide you with drawings so you can confirm the look of the fitted furniture and make sure that you are completely happy with the design and dimensions. We will make as many changes as are necessary until you are completely happy that the drawings are perfect.

Are you going to make a big mess in our home?

We endeavor to respect your home and furnishings so we use dust sheets on all the floors and we will cover soft furnishing with plastic sheets if this is required. Most of the manufacturing is done in our workshop and when the furniture is brought to your home there should be very little alteration to be done. All the cutting power tools have dust extractors and when the work is completed we remove all rubbish and clean the room to leave the house as we found it.

Do you paint units and what colours do you offer?

Yes.  We use top quality professional water based paints and eggshell semi matt. The units are painted white as standard, however you can have any colour you desire.

Do you spray units and do a gloss finish?

We can arrange for the units to be spray-painted but it is mainly the outer doors and side panels that are given a gloss finish and we would complete the internal surfaces in melamine or laminate board.

When you give a quote is that a fixed price?

Yes.  When we have been out to your house and designed the complete bespoke unit and you have agreement to the design, the final quote is what we will standby. This will be inclusive of manufacturing and installation to the agreed price.

How flexible are you once work has started if I want to change something?

If you feel that something needs changing after we have started work on your furniture we will do our best to a accommodate your request and will inform you if this will be free of charge or at an extra cost.

I have electrical sockets where I would like my new fitted furniture.  How do you deal with this?

We can either remove the socket or move it to a new location using our qualified electrician. Alternatively access can be made through the unit. Phone sockets can be relocated if there is enough length on the cable.

Do you manufacture kitchens and bathrooms?

No. We don’t manufacture kitchen units as such but we do make furniture that can go into kitchens and bathrooms such as bookcases, storage units and boiler housings etc. We are able to install a kitchen you have purchased or design the layout. We have a range of suppliers that we can recommend, depending on your requirements.

Do you only do domestic work?

No.  We manufacture and install storage units and furniture for domestic homes, schools, offices, shops and whoever requires our services.

I have other jobs that I would need such as decorating and plastering.  Are you able to help?

We are able to quote for any other work that you may require by working with other professionals in installing flooring, plastering, decorating etc. Please ask if you are interested.

Why should I buy bespoke?

The beauty of bespoke furniture is that you are in control every step of the way. From the design and finish to budgets and timescale's – choosing bespoke furniture is a luxury service rather than just  a product. Designs are tailored to you and your lifestyle. Saving more space than ‘off-the-shelf’ products and designed to specific tastes and styles.

How much will my furniture cost?

We encourage you to get in contact to discuss prices. These depend on the product, the finishes and the Labour required. We have put some ideas on pricing page. The very nature of bespoke furniture means every job is different, but rest assured that we are competitive.

How long do you guarantee your work for?

We guarantee the products and workmanship for two years from completion but, as with any workmanship guarantee, we will not be liable for wear and tear or misuse.


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