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Furniture Finishes

Creative Carpentry is able to supply furniture in number of different finishes

For example

- Laminated board  

- Ash real timber veneer

- Oak real timber veneer

- Walnut real timber veneer

- Prefinished melamine board

- Hand painted finish

- Spray painted finish (subject to size)


What is laminated coated MDF?

Laminated coated is a MDF pre-finished surface, which is easy to clean, very durable and requires no finishing such as oil, paint or varnish.

Why use laminate?

Laminate is very hard wearing and can be used on the outside or inside of a cabinet.  It is a cheaper option than a hand painted finish.  Hand painted finishes are very time consuming as we aim for a flawless finish. Ideas to consider are, for example,  the inside of the cabinet in walnut effect  laminate and the outside of the cabinet in a white hand painted finish which gives a great contrast and looks amazing. Some modern laminates have grain effects and can look realistic. For example, for a child’s bedroom furniture you can have many colour options and combinations of colours from which to choose.

What is real timber veneer?

Real timber veneer is a layer of real timber, approximately one millimeter thick, shaved from a log and glued to a MDF sheet. This makes the product versatile to work with and can look stunning when finished with wax or varnish.

Why use real timber veneer? 

Timber veneer can be used for any fitted furniture as it gives the appearance and luxury of real wood.  However, it uses a fraction of the precious hardwood and is more cost effective.
Timber veneers are good for adding warmth to a room and making it cosier.  Painted finishes mixed with timber veneer give a great contemporary look.

What is prefinished melamine board?

Prefinished melamine board is either MDF or chip board with a pre finished colour or wood effect. It is easy to keep clean, but not as durable as laminate. It requires no extra finishes such as oil, paint or varnish.

Why use prefinished melamine board?

Melamine board is the cheapest option that we offer but it still looks great and there are many different finishes available. It is especially good for the internal linings of storage units.

What is hand painted finishes? 

The hand painted finish is a high quality eggshell paint that is applied to the furniture after installation to give a flawless finish.

Why use hand painted or spray-painted finished?

The hand painted finish costs more than the other finishes but gives a very clear contemporary look that is hard to beat. When mixed with different internal boards and colours it looks stunning and can be painted any colour to match the existing furnishings of the room. Smaller units can also be spray painter prior to being fitted into your home.  For this finish we would use moisture resistant MDF as the  material.


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